Nocturnal Wasteland

Our Newest Attraction - The Nocturnal Wasteland Haunted Trail!

The demented masterminds that have brought you the Haunted Hayride, the Den of Darkness, and The Frightmare Asylum have unleashed their fury to create the most intense and extreme attraction of all. Unlike anything that you have ever experienced, your tour through the Nocturnal Wasteland will be one that will leave you gripping on to your friends and gasping for air. Not willing to rest on their laurels, the Staff at Field of Screams has spent years planning for and implementing this latest addition to the already impressive Haunted Attraction line-up that Field of Screams has to offer. You will now get to experience not 3, but 4 of the highest quality, best Halloween entertainment attractions ever conceived and brought to life.

The Nocturnal Wasteland is no ordinary walk in the woods but instead is a true trail of terror. Full of the elaborate scenes, live actors, and great scares that you have come to love from Field of Screams, the Nocturnal Wasteland will not disappoint. Field of Screams has cranked up the intensity dial to bring you the latest and best in Halloween entertainment. Imagine walking alone deep into a dark woods knowing that there are evil creatures and demented monsters hiding and just waiting for you to come their way. Well, this is the setting for the Nocturnal Wasteland. The inhabitants of the Nocturnal Wasteland have created their own community with their own set of rules and welcome outsiders for only one reason……to torture them. So beware, when you enter the Nocturnal Wasteland, you are entering at your own risk. We recommend taking a good head count of your group before entering and after leaving. For some, this may be their final nature walk.

A walk through Nocturnal Wasteland provides intense scares and heart-pounding experiences that will leave you screaming through the woods. The inhabitants of these foreboding woods love to watch the visitors squirm and they show no mercy once they track you down. Experience the hair-raising touch of the brander’s tool and smell your own burning flesh as he presses the brand into your skin. Feel the hot breath of the demented creatures roaming the forest for the sole purpose of capturing the visitors. There is no escape from the bone-chilling terror you will experience in this Nocturnal Wasteland. The darkness will creep in along with the strange demented killers and you can run, but you can't hide.

Come and experience America’s #1 Haunted Attractions’ latest most innovative haunted experience in the World. Come experience for yourself the one and only Nocturnal Wasteland at the one and only Field of Screams Haunted Attraction.