6 Ways to Celebrate Halloween at Christmas

6 Ways to Celebrate Halloween during Christmas!





  1. Oh, Christmas Tree! Nothing says Christmas like some skulls and bloody knives on your tree!

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  1. Leave Santa some cookies! Surely, he’ll be laughing all the way with these bad boys on his plate.












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  1. Deck the halls with wreaths that look like they want to eat you.

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  2. The stockings were hung by the chimney with SCARE…I mean care…


    5. Got an ugly Christmas sweater party...

Field of Screams Opens With Rave Reviews


Field of Screams opened its 23rd season to rave reviews! After spending 10 months in the off-season making extraordinary changes and additions to our attractions, all of the hard work paid off and Field of Screams rocked the opening weekend! Part of the festivities this past weekend was our annual media and hospitality night on Saturday, September 12. The entertainment area and attractions were packed with reporters, photographers, bloggers, review teams, and even members of other haunted attractions who all come to Experience the Chill of Field of Screams’ Opening Weekend. Our opening night, Friday September 11th, had record-breaking crowds and those in attendance couldn’t stop talking about the amazing scares, scenery, and effects. Dread Central News from North East PA described everything as “spot on”.  The Haunt Review Crew named Field of Screams as their favorite way to kick off the haunt season. The Haunt Rater crew inducted Gene and Jim in...

2015: Nocturnal Wasteland

Since its arrival in 2013, Nocturnal Wasteland has seen massive upgrades each year.  The Nocturnal Wasteland experience will bring out your biggest fears and blood curdling screams for all that dare to enter.

As you navigate the winding paths through the deep, dark woods, you enter into the forgotten realm of the most vicious, mutant creatures, surviving in a post apocalyptic era.

When creating the concept for Nocturnal Wasteland, countless of hours of research was performed in order to create the vision of a fallout shelter type world, where inhabitants are surviving in what is deemed to be the end of existence. Old cars were turned into shacks, drain tunnels turned into passage ways, trash piled high into lookout towers, all to give the feel that the people, if you can even call them that, find a use for anything that they come across, even human intruders.

A tremendous amount of focus was given to Nocturnal Wasteland in 2015, as more scares were added and several scenes...

Goodbye 2014, Hello 2015


Although 2014 has come to an end, there were many memorable moments at Field of Screams throughout the year. Field of Screams opened for the season on Friday September 12th, 2014. The biggest project that we unveiled last year was Serpent Falls Greenhouse on the Haunted Hayride. Our crew spent countless hours creating incredible detail giving the scene an authentic, yet terrifying look. Another change to the Haunted Hayride was the addition of a never-before-seen effect at the Psycho Circus scene. Nocturnal Wasteland also received many new additions and tweaks which really turned up the scare factor. The Den of Darkness and Frightmare Asylum received numerous improvements both scenically and from a scare standpoint as well.  But maybe the best addition during the 2014 season was our customers who came out for the first time or who came back with a group of friends to see all the changes.  You guys are awesome! Thank you for coming...

The Frightmare Asylum Is Ready For You

Are You Ready For It?

Well, as we like to say, in order to be the best, we need to constantly keep the creative juices flowing in order to beat the rest; so we are constantly coming up with terrifying ideas on how to make things even better.

Recently, we spent a few days and distressed some walls and fixtures at the Frightmare Asylum. In order to get the look, we used latex paint and water. For covering some areas, we simply added wood stain to get the effect. When you think of an old, rundown asylum, you would expect the building to look as if it was in disrepair. In the pictures, you’ll see that we used gloved hands to mimic with the paint what it may look like if someone was attempting to grasp the door to escape from the perils inside Frightmare Asylum.  We used similar techniques throughout the building, which presents a sense of fear to all that enter the hallways.


Not only did the fixtures inside the building receive the distressing technique, but...

New Scares at Field of Screams for 2014

Are You Prepared?

One of our biggest projects was replacing two of our hayride skits with even more terrifying scenes! First, we came up with an entirely new theme! And once the best theme was decided upon, we thought long and hard as to what would go into the skits to make it scarier than ever. You see, we always go above and beyond, so we wanted it to be perfectly executed to deliver that thrilling shock and gasp factor we’re always striving for.



Serpent Falls, our greenhouse skit, has been a huge undertaking. It is made up of 120 window panels, with 10 windows per panel. That’s 1200 windows! Our crew has worked countless hours to make this one of our most technical skits yet.  

There are over 10 miles worth of wiring alone. On top of that, our crew used 55 gallons of latex and 25 gallons of plastic for the set design and scenery. With dozens of pneumatics and special effects, Serpent Falls is definitely something you need to see for yourself.