2015: Nocturnal Wasteland

Since its arrival in 2013, Nocturnal Wasteland has seen massive upgrades each year.  The Nocturnal Wasteland experience will bring out your biggest fears and blood curdling screams for all that dare to enter.

As you navigate the winding paths through the deep, dark woods, you enter into the forgotten realm of the most vicious, mutant creatures, surviving in a post apocalyptic era.

When creating the concept for Nocturnal Wasteland, countless of hours of research was performed in order to create the vision of a fallout shelter type world, where inhabitants are surviving in what is deemed to be the end of existence. Old cars were turned into shacks, drain tunnels turned into passage ways, trash piled high into lookout towers, all to give the feel that the people, if you can even call them that, find a use for anything that they come across, even human intruders.

A tremendous amount of focus was given to Nocturnal Wasteland in 2015, as more scares were added and several scenes received upgrades to improve upon the already horrifying scenery. A complete overhaul in costuming took place over the winter months, making the mutant creatures look more like post apocalyptic survivors, searching for fresh victims who dare to enter their territory.

With many different areas along the barely lit trail, there's bound to be something lurking in the dark that will make the hair on the back of your neck stand up.

Check out Nocturnal Wasteland this season and pray you make it out alive.