Field of Screams Opens With Rave Reviews


Field of Screams opened its 23rd season to rave reviews! After spending 10 months in the off-season making extraordinary changes and additions to our attractions, all of the hard work paid off and Field of Screams rocked the opening weekend! Part of the festivities this past weekend was our annual media and hospitality night on Saturday, September 12. The entertainment area and attractions were packed with reporters, photographers, bloggers, review teams, and even members of other haunted attractions who all come to Experience the Chill of Field of Screams’ Opening Weekend. Our opening night, Friday September 11th, had record-breaking crowds and those in attendance couldn’t stop talking about the amazing scares, scenery, and effects. Dread Central News from North East PA described everything as “spot on”.  The Haunt Review Crew named Field of Screams as their favorite way to kick off the haunt season. The Haunt Rater crew inducted Gene and Jim in to the Haunt Rater “Hall of Scares” and presented them with a prestigious award.  The induction recognized the brothers for going above and beyond to give back to the community, the attractions, and the haunted attraction industry.

In the Haunted Hayride, no one could miss one of our biggest projects- the world’s largest drive-through Vortex tunnel! This experience is truly unique, and makes it appear as though the entire world is spinning! There is no escape from this mind-blowing sensation!

The Den of Darkness has several completely upgraded rooms. The scenery is unbelievable! If you’re afraid of spiders, you may want to turn back! The biggest change was the Abyss. This completely dark maze contains so many fear-inducing elements, you’ll wish you never even entered the Den.

The scares in Nocturnal Wasteland have only intensified this year as well. This one-of-a-kind walking trail is set in a post-apocalyptic era. You won’t believe the hideous creatures lurking in the darkness waiting to welcome you to their dwelling.  Nocturnal Wasteland was the overall crowd favorite during opening weekend.

Some of the most deranged residents of Field of Screams are housed among the corridors of the Frightmare Asylum. The Asylum’s newest addition, the Crazies Quarters, will have you begging for an exit as you try to make your way through the deranged madness.

Don’t miss the 2015 season of Field of Screams! You won’t believe the unexpected scares that will assault all of your senses in each of the four attractions. Come out and encounter Halloween’s Ultimate AtmosFEAR if you dare!