Goodbye 2014, Hello 2015


Although 2014 has come to an end, there were many memorable moments at Field of Screams throughout the year. Field of Screams opened for the season on Friday September 12th, 2014. The biggest project that we unveiled last year was Serpent Falls Greenhouse on the Haunted Hayride. Our crew spent countless hours creating incredible detail giving the scene an authentic, yet terrifying look. Another change to the Haunted Hayride was the addition of a never-before-seen effect at the Psycho Circus scene. Nocturnal Wasteland also received many new additions and tweaks which really turned up the scare factor. The Den of Darkness and Frightmare Asylum received numerous improvements both scenically and from a scare standpoint as well.  But maybe the best addition during the 2014 season was our customers who came out for the first time or who came back with a group of friends to see all the changes.  You guys are awesome! Thank you for coming out and seeing everything we worked so hard on all year long!


On a cold and windy morning, we hosted our 2nd Annual 5K Zombie Fun Run.  Ordinary people transformed into blood-thirsty zombies and hundreds of runners came out to make their way through the zombie-infested paths, trying to remain uninfected as they dodged the living dead. In 2014, we introduced an extremely popular additional wave time—The Night Wave! Equipped only with a glow necklace, participants ran through the dark, making it harder to see when the Zombies were near. Like last year’s event, The Zombie Fun Run benefited the Pennsylvania Breast Cancer Coalition. We raised $5,500 for such an amazing cause!

For 2015, we have some unbelievably exciting changes coming. Our crew has already begun the alterations and changes and we can hardly wait for you to see them.  We can’t tell you what they are yet, but we know you’re going to think they’re insane! Here’s a little hint: It’s something that we think is cool, but we’re stepping it up a notch and making it on a huge scale; it’s something that’s never been done at a haunt before! Along with those changes, we are always making things bigger and better with each year. Stay tuned for more updates in the future!