New Scares at Field of Screams for 2014

Are You Prepared?

One of our biggest projects was replacing two of our hayride skits with even more terrifying scenes! First, we came up with an entirely new theme! And once the best theme was decided upon, we thought long and hard as to what would go into the skits to make it scarier than ever. You see, we always go above and beyond, so we wanted it to be perfectly executed to deliver that thrilling shock and gasp factor we’re always striving for.



Serpent Falls, our greenhouse skit, has been a huge undertaking. It is made up of 120 window panels, with 10 windows per panel. That’s 1200 windows! Our crew has worked countless hours to make this one of our most technical skits yet.  

There are over 10 miles worth of wiring alone. On top of that, our crew used 55 gallons of latex and 25 gallons of plastic for the set design and scenery. With dozens of pneumatics and special effects, Serpent Falls is definitely something you need to see for yourself.




Here you can see Serpent Falls when we were finishing up the electrical work, which will run all the pneumatics and special effects. Once the greenhouse was completed, we went in and added things to give it that greenhouse feel.  We are all very eager for you to see what the final product will look like. You’ll definitely want to visit Field of Screams this season, as each season proves to be better than the last!