The Frightmare Asylum Is Ready For You

Are You Ready For It?

Well, as we like to say, in order to be the best, we need to constantly keep the creative juices flowing in order to beat the rest; so we are constantly coming up with terrifying ideas on how to make things even better.

Recently, we spent a few days and distressed some walls and fixtures at the Frightmare Asylum. In order to get the look, we used latex paint and water. For covering some areas, we simply added wood stain to get the effect. When you think of an old, rundown asylum, you would expect the building to look as if it was in disrepair. In the pictures, you’ll see that we used gloved hands to mimic with the paint what it may look like if someone was attempting to grasp the door to escape from the perils inside Frightmare Asylum.  We used similar techniques throughout the building, which presents a sense of fear to all that enter the hallways.


Not only did the fixtures inside the building receive the distressing technique, but so did the outer fixtures of the building itself. When a building is left to fall apart, you would not expect it to look exactly how it would if it were brand new.  So, the distressing technique looks as if all the metal pieces have turned to rust and that there are blood stains from those who entered.

We believe this careful attention to detail is part of what makes Field of Screams such a great haunt attraction. Have you ever tried any of these techniques yourself? What design effect do you like best at Field of Screams?